Over-The-Shoulder Footage Of Koenigsegg's 284mph Run Is A Thrill To Watch

Koenigsegg has released new footage of the record-breaking run performed by the Agera RS and Niklas Lilja last month

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Last month, Koenigsegg stunned the world by setting a 277.9mph average speed over two runs with its Agera RS in Nevada. Oh, and four other records. The highest speed achieved was actually 284.55mph, and the windscreen-mounted video of the run made for sensational viewing.

One month on, Koenigsegg has released additional footage, showing an over-the-shoulder view of the run, with a driver-facing angle in the bottom right corner of the video. This gives us some idea of just what the run was like for factory test driver Niklas Lilja.

We see not just all the steering inputs needed to keep the car on the black stuff, but also just how much the car moved around. It’s stunning stuff to watch.

Fair play, Lilja; fair play, Koenigsegg…