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Opel Astra Driver Sent Fine After Allegedly Doing 432mph

A computer glitch caused a Belgian driver to be sent a fine with a rather improbable speed listed

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Opel - Opel Astra Driver Sent Fine After Allegedly Doing 432mph - News

A Belgian motorist received a nice little surprise through the post recently - a speeding fine which alleged he’d been travelling at 696kph (432mph).

The man apparently clocked the speed in the town of Quiévrain near the French border. For the sake of comparison, that speed is a little slower than the cruising speed of a turboprop airliner, and almost as fast as Speed Demon - the current record holder for the fastest car powered by an internal combustion engine.

Of course, he wasn’t actually driving that fast. After writing to local authorities questioning the absurd claimed speed, it transpired that the figure was the result of an “encoding error.”

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

That’s not to say he got out of paying a fine, however - the Opel driver was actually doing a more modest 60kmh, which is still over the posted limit…

Source: The Telegraph