Owyn profile picture Owyn 6 years ago

2003 Dodge Dakota

Hi. I’m looking to buy my dads old 2003 Dodge Dakota. It’s in great condition (only seen about four winters), and has a 3.7 V6 with a 5 speed manual as well as four wheel drive. It’s mainly all stock. Some BF A/T tires ( I think around 265/70R16 but I’m not 100% sure). The reason I’m buying this truck is because I’ve driven it lots, I know it well, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m expecting to pay around $2000 for it. What I wanted to know is if it would be worth spending money in upgrades on. The main thing I wanted to do was put a roof tent over top of a flat cap on it as I do a lot of camping in the bush, as well as slightly bigger tires (not sure if the truck could handle them only being a V6) but then I would have to raise the body and drop the suspension, or raise the truck (then we are talking new springs and shocks, might be out of the budget) I’m fairly new to all this so I’m not sure if I should spend $3000 on a truck like this. I’ve been doing some homework learning things but I would like another opinion.