R32 SP profile picture R32 SP 7 years ago

My street legal Mk5 Golf R32 turbo did 10.981 sec 1/4 mile with 93F (33C) ambient temperature

My car is on the left.
My car is on the left.

Had a blast at Waterfest this weekend. We finally get the car ready enough to hit the drag strip. The car did 10.981 sec at 128 mph while it was 93F (33C) outside. We did not run the meth/water injection system either so there’s room for improvement for sure. The car was also launching with no boost due to the restriction of the current ECU flash that the car is running. A revised version of the flash is under development, so the car at be launched at 10-15 psi.

Overall very happy about its current performance. I also drove the car for an hour and half to get back home after 5 runs at 25 psi and car held up well.