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Dear Santa,
I hope you’ll get to read this. My funds are low and im hiding from my friends who I owe gifts to.
I am struggling and will probably celebrate the holidays with instant noodles. I need your help!

Here’s a realistic list of what I need this Christmas

-Coilovers to replace the leaky OEM dampers on my car

-A nice dashcam to capture the moments I use the turn signals in my BMW so people will finally believe me

-5 or more OEM shift knobs for my BMW (we all know e36 shift knobs break after 2 weeks)

-Any 200 dollar car that’s reliable that I can use as a daily beater

-5 or more new car guy friends in real life who can talk more than just how low and cambered their wheels are

-A vented racing helmet that I will use not for the track but for daily

-oh and 1 year of perfect reliability and low gas prices for 2017