Soon to be Mine!

Soon to be Mine! - Nissan Silvia S14 Forum

I’m not sure if I posted anything about this yet, I highly doubt it. A few months ago I noticed this S14 sitting and not being used. I asked the owner of it, and he said he can’t exactly keep it. We had a good talk for about an hour or two, and he said that I would be a perfect suit for it. There’s a bit of damage on the lower right fog light, and it needs its trunk replaced because it’s currently too small. Other than that, everything on that car is brand new and it’s only going to be $5000! I’ve been saving up for a few months although I’m having a tough time because I can only work part time, and I don’t get very many shifts. He also included a brand new pair of winter tires, each tire valued off for about $1500 each. I’m hoping I can somehow get this car before I move this summer, I have many, MANY plans for it. Wish me luck.