We Took Chris Forsberg Drifting in a Cargo Van for April Fools

Chris thought he was going to slay this course in his 370Z. Then we brought out the van.

Comedy 7 years ago

A few weeks ago, we (along with the Donut Media crew) told Chris Forsberg that he was going to be doing a drift video. We told him he’d be in a Z, showed him the course, had him prep. But when we started shooting, he got more than he bargained for.

Matt Powers came rolling through with a Nissan NV3500 HD instead. Chris’ reaction as the van drifts around him is 100% genuine… he had no idea that this was anything other than an ordinary shoot (obviously we had to shoot this before April 1st, so it was a little extra surprising).

The van itself is almost completely stock. We welded the diff and added a hydraulic handbrake, and it shocked everyone just how drift-capable it had become. That wasn’t enough though, so we gave Chris increasingly tough challenges, and he handled everything we threw at him, as well as the NV handling everything we threw at it! Like jumps, and big ones at that!

A big thanks to Nissan for sponsoring this video!