Looking for a Adventure car! Oh well...

First post, yeah!!
OK, so here it goes… Looking for my third car, currently running a Merc W211 E320 CDI. (204bhp I6) I absolutely LOVE wagons, so there needs to be another one in the garage, one that’ll get me place without Merc repair costs, also the Merc is just to nice to go…offroad? :D Now i’m looking for a car that will fit:

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I’m really looking at 1998 to 2002 Subaru Legacys or Outbacks. It will be used all year round, so it needs to have AWD and a towbar.
As i’m becoming a car mechanic at the moment, i also want to modifiy it, put some turbos on, throw some nice rims and a can of paint on, give it some attitude and style. (Don’t forget bad ass rally lights!)
But if i’m feeling like it i’ll throw my girlfriend and the bikes (as well as the “North face” clothing, cause ADVENTURE, yo!!) in the back, get out there, camp out in the Alps and sleep in the car.

Important note: Don’t make it too expensive, this one will not be treated all to well ;)

So what do you say? What car would suit me best? Outback? Legacy? Forester? Something else?

Looking forward to your comments, cheers! :)