Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 6 years ago

No Humans Were Harmed In The Making Of This Mustang Car Meet Crash

You know the drill: Ford Mustang leaves cars and coffee event, then flies off the road while showboating. At least no one was hit this time...

Remind me later

Death and taxes - they say - are the only certain things in life. But I’m beginning to wonder if a Ford Mustang crashing at a cars and coffee event needs to be added as the third item on this list.

Case in point? This cars and coffee meet in Wichita last Saturday. OK, so it’s perhaps not quite a crash, but it’s the same setup we’ve seen so many times before: a Mustang driver (in this case driving a Roush’d example) tries to light the rear tyres while leaving, gets it all wrong, and ends up unintentionally going off road. At the very least, no people were hit this time.

We can only hope this madness stops soon. But in the meantime, follow our expert advice if you don’t want to become a victim…

Via Jalopnik