Another update on the build

Another update on the build - Nissan Silvia S13 Forum

I’ll go over what has happened from the day I got this car to the way it is now.
I bought this with the thought that it was a running car that i would be able to daily drive and slowly build it up. Haha good luck with that! As of now, for anyone curious, I’m about $5k (USA) into this build and it officially runs properly now but still needs stopping power.

Problems I’ve encountered:
Brakes need work and minor Idling issues need to be solved. The car began as a stripped down drift car from previous owner…or so it seems. I’ve gotten almost all the interior redone and looking good. The engine was taken apart to do the head gasket job using a Felpro Kit. Also installed ARP head studs. Eventually, everything related to the cooling system had to be replaced (radiator, hoses, clamps, coolant overflow tank), It had a misfire due to a bad fuel injector (replaced by a shop), new Distributor cap, spark plugs, all fluids flushed and replaced, taillights replaced, replaced broken passenger door handle, Installed a full sound system and stereo, temp gauge wasn’t working but got it fixed..thats about all i remember but i know there’s a lot more minor things. Apart from the engine build itself, a lot of the expenses came from the small things that were missing, such as the little rubber button on the brake pedal that turns off the tail lights, passenger door handle, plus shipping things,

Current problems: after i had the car running, it all went well for about a week when my brakes and Clutch gave out. I finally got to replacing the clutch to find that the old one was physically broken. Keep in mind i didn’t drive the 240 for more than 2 weeks before i realized the head gasket was blown, so this was damage built up from the previous owner slamming the clutch or something. It has been replaced now but upon turning the car on, the idle changed and is now spiking up to 2k RPM here and there. Im assuming it’s the TPS. As for the brakes, the Cylinder that connects to the booster began to leak. I upgraded to a bigger cylinder but it still leaked, so I bought a new booster which works perfectly now. Problem is that I still need to bleed the brake lines, and maybe adjust the Pin on the booster for the right amount of pressure on the pedal.

So yeah, maybe I rushed into buying my first 240sx but it hasn’t gotten the best of me. Once all this is done, I will enjoy the my car so much because I know it’ll be reliable since all the work has been done with either the help of professionals in the shops i work with, or with my local car guy friends that hook me up with info and proper tools to do things right. Everything I’ve bought has been quality parts, nothing from Ebay or low budget because…well we all know what happens when you buy cheap parts.

I started a Youtube Channel under the same name, “Sam 240sx 616” but have no uploads till further notice.