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1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup/Caddy LX

Volkswagen - 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup/Caddy LX - Garage

This little gem is a 1981 Rabbit Pickup. It has a 1.6l diesel, pulling about 70 hp, and getting around 45 mpg. It is wearing its original forest green paint. The truck has 88,000 original miles, and has a near perfect interior. It was in a little fender bender, and ended up bending the bumpers, and creasing the bed. So once it is all fixed up, the plan is to totally restore, but with some modifications as well. I plan to bag it. More for hauling dirtbikes, and racecar engines without riding on the bump stops, rather than for the lowering purposes. I will be getting some nice period correct wheels (haven’t made my decision yet), and possibly getting her some new paint.