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Mountune Has Been Saved – And It’s Targeting BEV Power

The future of tuner and performance engineering expert Mountune is back on track thanks to the firm’s original founder, who has led a buy-back of the stricken firm – and has big BEV plans

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Mountune Has Been Saved – And It’s Targeting BEV Power - News

Ford tuning supremo Mountune has been saved from a financial quagmire by its founder David Mountain, following the involvement of administrators earlier this year.

Backed by a group of investors, Mountain has bought the company back from its previous owners and it’s once again a wholly UK-based operation. There are now big plans for the future of the business, says the new/old boss.

Mountune Has Been Saved – And It’s Targeting BEV Power - News

Ironically, the success of Mountune’s Ford-based tweakery, which had also spawned a tempting VW-focused sibling, had eventually come to prevent the more lucrative side of the business – supplying race-ready parts and engines – from making enough money. The impact of that virus thing was the last – and biggest – nail in the coffin, putting race series on hold across the world and cutting off a vital income stream.

Now, though, the balance will be restored, says Mountain. “It’s widely recognised that the success of the road-car group, predominantly, led to a situation where the demand was outstripping the previous business’s ability to supply and support our customers,” he said. “Covid-19 simply served to compound the problem further.”

Mountune Has Been Saved – And It’s Targeting BEV Power - News

In a press release he stated his intention to “get back to supplying and supporting our customers and dealers properly” and move towards new, more forward-thinking powertrains as well. In time there will be a “clean, ultra-high performance electric powertrain” on the table, built for racing and road use – presumably in different build tunes.

The Ford/VW tuning won’t fall by the wayside, though, and we’re glad to hear it. Mountain stresses that his priority is “making power” for both race teams and road car customers. It’s going to take a few months for the company’s new management to get the business straight and start releasing new products, but we look forward to seeing what’s in store.