McLaren's Force-Field Tech Could Kill The Humble Windscreen Wiper

The windscreen wiper could be on its way out as McLaren channels jet fighter technology to stop water sticking

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mclaren-p1 McLaren has revealed that it's working on a futuristic replacement for the humble windscreen wiper. Using top-secret technology developed for fighter jets, the wiper-killing system is rumoured to create a force-field that prevents objects from sticking to the glass. Talking to The Sunday Times, chief designer Frank Stephenson explained that "nothing will attach to the windscreen." McLaren P1 nurburbring Rumours suggest that a force-field will be made by bouncing 30kHz waves across the glass, producing small vibrations that prevent any form of water or dirt from sticking. This effective technology removes the need for wiper motors and wiper arms, which saves weight and reduces drag. The positive knock-on effects include improved fuel efficiency and, more importantly, improved performance.