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McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray Is Making A Tiny Sports Car

Gordon Murray Automotive plans to build a compact sports car under the new 'IGM' brand

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Mclaren - McLaren F1 Designer Gordon Murray Is Making A Tiny Sports Car - News

Gordon Murray - the legendary F1 designer - is working on a new sports car. And as if that wasn’t already reason enough to get excited, the press release tells us to expect a car that’s “inspired by the engineering principles of the McLaren F1.” Oh yes.

Very little has been revealed about the planned machine thus far, but we do know it’ll be sold under the new ‘IGM’ brand’. That stands for ‘Ian Gordan Murray - the designer’s full name - in case you were wondering.

We’re also told the car “will focus on light weight and driving pleasure,” and be built using Murray’s space frame-based ‘iStream’ manufacturing process. Only here, the steel will be replaced with high-strength aluminium to save weight. Overall, the method saves around 50 per cent of weight on the body-in-white structure compared to stamped metal.

As well as being light, there’s also an expectation for it to be much smaller than its rivals. In fact, Autocar is going as far as saying the car “is believed to be about the same size as the Smart Roadster.”

Colour us intrigued…