Matt Robinson 9 years ago

McLaren 650S: Full Glorious Details Revealed

After yesterday's leak, here's the official reveal of McLaren's latest supercar

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McLaren 650s 10 We had a good look at McLaren's latest supercar courtesy of yesterday's leak, but now all the details and images of the new 650S have officially landed. As we expected, it represents an improved version of the 12C. Power from the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 is up from 616bhp to 641bhp (650ps, hence the 650S name). McLaren 650s 11 Performance is boosted further by quicker shifting from the revised DCT gearbox, meaning 0.1sec has been trimmed from the 0-62mph time, which is now three seconds dead. Half a second has been lopped off the 0-125mph time meanwhile, which is now 8.4 seconds. Top speed is 3mph up compared to the 12C at 207mph. McLaren 650s 13 Spring rates have been stiffened, but McLaren insists this won't hamper comfort. The aerodynamics have been tweaked too, resulting in a huge 24 per cent increase in downforce at 150mph, with no change to the drag coefficient. Impressed? You should be. McLaren 650s 14 On the outside, there are several styling nods to the P1 hypercar, notably those 'boomerang' headlights styled after the McLaren logo, and the front air intake assembly. The asking price for all this? It's available to order now for £195,000; a reasonable £20,000 increase over the 12C. McLaren 650s 12 Given all the improvements over the older 12C, and the fact that you get pricey carbon ceramic brakes as standard in the 650S, the latter car is a bit of a no-brainer.