Bizunas profile picture Bizunas 5 years ago

Back when I had a £300 MK4 Golf

It was definitely a bargain!
For £300 I got a car with:
+Full years MOT
+/-A 1.9 SDI engine with 68 ponypowers(which i found out is indestructible and VERY economical, a full tank of diesel would get me roughly 500miles)
+4 Bora sports alloy wheels
+GTTDI seats
+A perfect condition and a very intact armrest(anybody who has owned or does own a MK4 golf knows that most armrests are broken or flimsy)
-Dented rear quarter panel
-Very rusty front wings
-Dented bonnet which also had a broken bonnet latch so i couldn’t get the bonnet opened

Since it cost me about the same as a very nice suit, I was excited to do very stupid things with it, that I wouldn’t do to my daily. But I didn’t get to do much to it as the car wasn’t long lived.
What I did to it:
•Threw in 100bhp non-pd injectors
•Evry mod
•And I threw together a sidepipe exhaust from scrap exhaust bits I had laying around.

It definitely wasn’t fast, at all, but it kept up with my mates 1.9TDi 90bhp MK4 Golf.

So I can confirm that it is really fun to own a cheap beater car and i recommend everyone to buy a beater at some point in their life.