The Project car that turned to be a Beater Car

Do you feel the Speedhunters style article titles
Do you feel the Speedhunters style article titles

Good day CTzens. Some of you may know that I had this car for almost a year now, and I can honestly say that the car’s condition has never been improved since then.

Losing Motivation?

Pretty much as of today. From the outside, it looks perfect with that not so shiny paint and matte black hood and bumpers. But in the inside, rusts had invaded the floors on the driver side and the seat rails on the passenger side. Oil leaks on the underside of the engine. Ohh, and don’t forget the piston ring problem. Plus the different minor problems that sometimes appear when I use the car. With all of the things stated, I lost interest in doing anything on it as there are things that needs to be focused more on the car to make it a perfect. Every time I see it, I always think “Wow, what a good looking lawn ornament”.

You may think, “Man, you are a useless car owner”. I agree, but not totally agree. Remember I also have a E100 corolla that is in perfect condition, based on my standards on old cars, and a useless car owner would let a crappy car rot until its point of no return. At least I am making an effort to improve some minor things with my current financial condition. Which opens up to my next part.

Money, where are you?

Go back and read the problems of the car. all of these can be repaired as long as you have the right amount of cash to let someone repair it. As of now, my family’s current priority is paying for my tuition fee as I enter my fourth year in college. Fixing my car may be at the bottom of the priority list right now as we still have our other car that we can use. “Why not fix the car yourself?” As of now I don’t want to explore much on the mechanical side of it as I still want to use it at least during the weekends, and these repairs needs special tools, knowledge, skills and I would have a piece of mind if I let the professionals do it. Plus I also need at least a covered garage/ space to store my car as it is parked on the side of the road under a tree for 6 months now.

A new purpose

The Project car that turned to be a Beater Car - Toyota Corolla Forum

I say the best option right now is to postpone the project car thing and use it as a beater car or as a learning tool to know a lot more about it. As of know, I am messing in with the electrical side of this car because whenever I go to a repair shop, they sometimes refuse to fix it or their quality of work is just not within my expectations and I would probably do the same thing but with a better result. ( I don’t know if they have no idea on how to fix it or just scared to mess with my car’s electrical system ). So far, I had fixed my problem on my brake light switch, grounding issue on some lights, had installed a digital tachometer, and currently making my DIY shift light sourced from my old analog tachometer. I had also used this car as my canvass to test my rattle can spraying skills as I had sprayed this car’s bumpers, hood, dash, tail lights, and probably the valve cover if there are VHT wrinkle texture paint available in our local ACE Hardware. Once again, I care less on this car’s appearance right now.

This car also has a fart can exhaust when we bought it. So every time my dad and I drive this car, I always feel some kind of adrenaline due to the exhaust sound, which doesn’t sound bad at all. Plus its a 1.6 liter, 300 cc higher than on our other car, so you have this feeling that you are going fast, but in reality you’re not going fast enough. Moreover, I think this car is the reason why our place is banning vehicles with loud exhaust because one time, my dad revved the thing out of it just to let the pedestrians that they are in the way because this car doesn’t have a horn. Having a beater car is fun! I tell you

Future Plans?

Just staying with this beater car path until we have some extra cash to fix this car. Fix all minor things to make this road worthy then register it to make it legal on the road. It feels kinda risky to drive an unregistered car because once you got involved in an accident, even a minor one, you have no defense as the car is not legal on the road.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article and as always

Thank you and have a good day CTzens