Bad news for my NB

So i had my MX 5 over for rust repairs before I start this engine swap thing. It would originally cost me about 3,5k €, already a lot of money but since I really like this thing i was fine with it. Buuut a couple of days later the head mechanic Was asking to see me to tell me that basically the whole body was rotten. It can be safed but now we’re talking figures of 8000 € and above, so i have to pull the plug on this project and sell it to someone who can weld and has time for it.

Prices for rust free NA/NB are between 5000 and 8000 € for the 1.6 (!) in Bavaria (same as RX-8 and 6 MPS), so I guess my next project won’t be a MX-5. But if I find a nice reasonably priced candidate, I’ll be back :)