Lexus LC500 Drag Races LFA, Because Why Not

The V8-powered LC500 takes on the legendary V10 supercar in a drag race with one hell of a soundtrack

Remind me later

Most Car Wow drag races are all about sticking a bunch of competing cars together to see who’s the boss. This one, however, is not.

We have the Lexus LC500, and the LFA. Why? Well, why not, but also, the point is this is Lexus’ most exciting car in the current range versus the most exciting car it’s ever made.

Lexus - Lexus LC500 Drag Races LFA, Because Why Not - Supercars and Hypercars

The newer car doesn’t have a chance, of course. Its 5.0-litre V8 produces 471bhp, quite a bit less than the 552bhp offered up by the LFA’s Yamaha-developed V10, and it’s also considerably heavier. As such, it doesn’t stand much of a chance. Regardless, this is well worth a watch for the noise of these two cars alone.