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The Two-Door Range Rover Is Making A Comeback

The Range Rover SV Coupe has been teased ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut

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Land Rover - The Two-Door Range Rover Is Making A Comeback - News

The coolest examples of the Range Rover Classic will always be those with two doors. That’s certainly reflected in the values on the used market: the two-door versions have generally been much more expensive to buy for some time, and a quick peruse of the classifieds for the final two-door Rangie - the CSK, limited to 200 units - has thrown up one for £82,500 and another for £125,000. Ouch.

This cool factor clearly isn’t lost on JLR, as the firm has commissioned its Special Vehicle Operations bods to cook up a limited-run two-door coupe version of the current Range Rover, as a very expensive and rather spangly tribute to its similarly configured predecessor. It’ll be called the Range Rover SV Coupe, and Land Rover is dubbing it the “world’s first full-size luxury SUV coupe.”

Until the full reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, all we have to go on is this interior shot. It show lots of posh wood and leather, plus grey front seats paired up with black rear seats to create a curious two-tone effect.

Just 999 will be made. Each will be hand-built at the SV Technical Centre in Warwickshire, and sold for a pricetag that’ll no doubt be best described as reassuringly expensive.