Lambo's OTT Egoista Looks Like It Was Chiselled In Hell By The Devil Himself

To celebrate 50 years in the business, Lambo has given itself the ultimate automotive present

Lamborghini-egoista-1 Lamborghini has long established itself as the creator of the mad and the extreme, but this new Egoista concept is simply out of this world crazy. To celebrate Lambo's momentous half century in the business - a far cry from making tractors all those years ago - this is the present it has given itself. The outrageous Egoista (meaning selfish) concept's name is a nod to the supercar's single seat cabin, which means you can forget taking your mates out for a drive - that experience belongs to you and you only... egoista-2 Externally, Lambo’ has turned the mad styling dial up to 11 - it is designed using an Apache helicopter as inspiration, afterall - choosing to give the concept a carbonfibre and removable survival cell, vibrant orange wheels and more insane styling angles than David Coulthard's face. lamborghini-egoista-3 Technical details are sketchy at this stage, but power is derived from Lamborghini’s familiar 5.2-litre V10, which is expected to kick out around 600bhp. Inside the minimalist and snug cabin, you'll find a head-up display, an out-of-this-world steering wheel and plenty of orange leather. egoista-4 Unfortunately, Lamborghini tells us that the Egoista will never make its way into showrooms, so whether you like it or loathe it, we'll never get to drive one.


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An info-graphic about you guys!

Car Throttle Info-graphic - A School Project

YouTube / Jonathan Farah

I own all animations, voice, illustrations and all have been done alongside the Car Throttle brand book for colors and typography.

The animation is a school project in graphic design and i chose to do it about Car Throttle, of course, all my recent projects have been about cars.
I have nothing against Car Throttle, it’s just a video with a funny tone from what i notice on the Facebook page of Car Throttle. I am an avid viewer of Car Throttle myself, statistics aren’t very accurate, it’s just a fun video.
I hope you enjoy!
Music: Colin MCrae 2 Soundtrack: Selection 03
Programs used: Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

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10 Car Logos You Probably Never Knew The Meaning Of

YouTube / Car Throttle

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WRC is for boys. Group B was for men.

Rally Group B - Tribute

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As bonkers and unsafe as it was, it’s hard to match the sound these things make and that’s why you can only love it.

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