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Lamborghini Goes Full 'Robot Wars', Ends Up Beneath A Honda Civic

Whether the driver was frustrated at the lack of parking or accidentally hit the wrong pedal, the end result was the same: a Huracan Spyder wedged beneath a Honda Civic

Remind me later

This is not the way to park a convertible supercar. A Lamborghini Huracan Spyder ended up half-way under a Honda Civic after its wedge-shaped nose took a detour in Chicago last week.

The driver of the $260,000+ Italian beauty reportedly said the car was hit by another before this impact, the jolt from which caused him to mash the accelerator instead of the brake. The next thing he knew, his pride and joy was getting intimate with the back end of a Japanese compact.

Interestingly, the Lamborghini’s low nose probably saved the couple a serious smash, driving beneath the rear bumper of the Civic instead of trying to force a way into its boot.

No one was injured in the unusual collision, which happened when the Huracan driver and his passenger were on their way to dinner in Chicago’s West Loop. We don’t know whether the driver of the car that allegedly hit the Huracan first stopped at the scene or not.

We’d be willing to bet this one won’t buff out. It will be an especially expensive fix if that matt finish is the paint, rather than a wrap. In terms of silver linings, though, the obviously filthy-rich owner and his other half are said to be going shopping for a new car today. How the other half live, etc.