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Starting to blog?

Starting to blog? - Blog

Hi CTzens

I am a car enthusiast, just as all of you i imagine, and i have been working as an industrial designer for 4+ years . Maybe some of you are already following me on here, i used to post a lot of car sketching i did for fun. Mostly driving and racing is what i love to do the most, but also sketching, fixing and talking with other enthusiasts about cars.

In the back of my head i always had these thoughts of starting my own company and doing my own thing with something car related. I just couldn’t decide what it would be, a garage? a tuning shop? manufacturing? design firm? apparel? In the beginning of 2018 i decided to stop wondering around and start doing. That’s where ROADDEFINED was born. I decided that i want to design and manufacture parts, first of which will be a steering wheel. As the company grows more things will come!

Right now i have my first steering wheel prototypes being tested by fellow car enthusiasts in Canada and USA , and i printed my first t shirt design “Track Days Are the Best Days”

Let me know if any would be interested to see more posts with more detail of the steps i made and future progress. Comment and let me know

Thank you for your time!

You can check out my instagram page : @roaddefined