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Ken Block's 'Hoonitruck' Has A 900bhp Ford GT Race Car Engine

Block has a new tyre-shredding machine to use in Gymkhana Ten, and it's base on a Ford F-150

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As impressive as Ken Block’s drifty Gymkhana antics are, he’s had to continually switch things up to keep the Internet interested. There have been location changes, new styles, and new cars, the most absurd of the latter alterations being the introduction of the Ford Mustang-based Hoonicorn.

But even this 1400bhp monster isn’t enough for Gymkhana Ten, so it’ll be joined by this: the Hoonitruck. It’s based on a 1977 Ford F-150 - as a tribute to Block’s late father, who used to drive an F-150 of the same generation - although only loosely. Just like Hoonicorn, there’s clearly not a whole lot of the base car left.

Ford - Ken Block's 'Hoonitruck' Has A 900bhp Ford GT Race Car Engine - Tuning

Built by Detroit Speed, Hoonitruck sits extremely low on 20-inch wheels shod in 315-width tyres. It looks very much like the Hoonicorn’s pick-up truck brother, although it’s hiding something rather different under the bonnet.

It’s been fitted with a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 that’s been pinched from Ford’s GT GTE development programme. Yep, it’s packing a proper race engine, and one that’s been further modified to produce an unholy 901bhp and 702lb ft of torque. It’s finished with a beautiful 3D-printed inlet manifold.

Ford - Ken Block's 'Hoonitruck' Has A 900bhp Ford GT Race Car Engine - Tuning

We haven’t heard it yet, but according to Block, it sounds like a “pissed off rallycross car with a deeper sound”. Suffice to say, we’re rather looking forward to watching it destroying tyres when Gymkhana Ten comes out on 28 October.