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10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

“……… Uhhhhhhhhh. What are you doing? You’ve done Vipers thus far. Why have you jumped to another vehicle?” Diversity, simple as that. Given all the Viper-related content as of late, I thought I’d switch it up a little bit. Don’t worry though, another Viper article will be coming. Satisfied with that clarification? Sweet, let’s jump in.

The Dodge Durango comes in at 201.2 inches (or 5,110 mm) long. Much longer than the Viper of course. Is it shorter than anything besides a supercar though? Absolutely.

10: Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

Interestingly, the Tahoe comes in at 203.9 inches (or 5,179 mm) long. Not much longer than the Durango sure. However, it’s definitely wider. I could give the numbers for width if I so chose to. However, I plan on doing a width article later on. So you’ll have to stay tuned for that. Maximum troll status: Achieved.

For those wondering how big the Suburban is. The Suburban comes in at an impressive 224.4 inches (or 5,699 mm) long.

9: Bentley Bentayga.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

The Durango does certainly look to be the bigger of the two. It isn’t though, at least, not physically. The Bentayga (hate typing that name) is 202.4 inches (or 5,140 mm) long. Which; astoundingly, makes it longer than the Durango.

8: Mercedes GL.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

Of all the cars I’ll find on this list, I highly expected this one to be bigger than the Durango. I mean, I thought it was practically guaranteed. Upon further inspection though, it’s not as big as it looks. The GL just barely edges out the Durango coming in at a length of 201.6 inches (or 5,120 mm). Just beating out the Durango by a couple of inches and or millimeters. Looks. Can be. Deceiving.

7: Maserati Quattroporte.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

This was another car that ended up surprising me too. The Maserati Quattroporte isn’t small. Everyone knows that. What isn’t as widely known is just how not small the Quattroporte really is. The big Italian luxury sedan comes in at a fairly shocking 207.2 inches (or 5,262 mm). This is by far the biggest sedan I know outside of the Mercedes Green Grosser of course………. speaking of which.

6: Mercedes-Benz 600.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

Obviously, this is one of the biggest cars known to every being on the face of the Earth. So why bother putting it in here? Well, a little while ago a CTzen by the name of Keon (Figaro Fan) (Benz SL Squad) suggested I should make a list regarding the Grosser. I didn’t get a chance to though, so he ended up getting to the car before I could (haha). So this is my way of honoring what I said I’d do by putting it on this list (the article link will be below this paragraph). You want me to cut to the numbers? Alright, here they are. The 600 “Grosser” comes in at 215 inches (or 5,461 mm). Making it even longer than that of the Quattroporte. “Mighty impressive” is the right term to describe the 600.

Article Link: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/98pjox7/

5: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

This one really caught me off-guard. The Traverse never struck me as a particularly big vehicle at all, maybe the size of a Mazda CX-9 or a Kia Sorrento. The old one definitely gave me that impression. We’re not talking about the old one though. We’re talking about the new one. The new one (pictured above) is much bigger than the looks give it credit for. It comes in a staggering 204.3 inches (or 5,189 mm) long. I mean geez! I can really hear the commercial playing in the background.

“If your Traverse gets bigger for more than 4 hours, call the mechanic and schedule an appointment immediately.”

4: 2018 Ford Expedition.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

The truth of the matter is the Expedition comes in at a very expected 210.0 inches (or 5,334 mm) long. The only thing that could make the Expedition surprising is when you compare it to the Maserati shown in this list.

In the comparison between the two vehicles, the Expedition won’t be the one to surprise. It’ll be the Maserati. The Maserati is only a few inches (or millimeters) shorter than that of the big Ford. Not only this, but you can’t find something this slab-sided unless you look at a Minivan. I should know too. I saw one in person (feel free to disagree though, styling is a matter of the individual after all).

3: Nissan Armada.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

I’ll be the first to admit this vehicle crossed my mind a little bit later than it probably should have. Considering its size, it probably should’ve sprung to my mind a little bit quicker than it actually did.

No matter, it’s on this list for a reason. That reason is (obviously) down to the sheer size of the vehicle in question. The Armada comes in at a bigger than expected 208.9 inches (or 5,306 mm). To add to the slight surprise, this puts it perilously close to the Expedition above. Sounds like some competition is brewing between the two big SUVs to me.

2: Genesis G90.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

Many many many luxury sedans have made their way onto this list and the G90 is no exception. While probably being one of the shorter sedans featured on this list, it still comes in at a length of 204.9 inches (or 5,204 mm). While Genesis might be a slightly forgotten brand within the enthusiast core, they do still indeed make some cars that are worthy of note for certain things……. in a purely informational setting.

Doesn’t matter though, as they appear to have some interesting performance cars lined up soon. So we’ve got that to look forward to…… where were we? Oh, right!

1: Bentley Brooklands.

Dodge - 10 Cars the Dodge Durango is shorter than. - Blog

Bet you forgot about the massive Bentley Brooklands huh? Truth be told, I did too. Often getting this confused with the Arnage T (as I thought that was the big coupe in the lineup, completely forgetting about the Brooklands). No matter though, I found the Brooklands when it counted (which is for this article). The Brooklands is huge. Just to put it into perspective, this picture is very deceiving. The Brooklands comes in at a titanic 213 inches (or 5,410 mm).

That is an absolute mammoth of a car. Especially when you realize the Brooklands only has two doors and far less practicality than the Durango. It’s only 2 inches from the 600 for goodness sake! Chew on them apples Greenpeace!

With that, we come to a close for this article. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed and do leave your thoughts down in the comments below!