How I live without a Drivers License.

Hello fellow CT´zens

Lets forget the whole CT is dying thing. Today i want to try something new.

On Monday the 03.September 2018 i got my License revoked.
I got cought driving 150 km/h on a 100km/h street. the fee was very expensive and my license got revoked.

but it is ok. my Cousin have my car now. I trust him more then my Street.

right now i´m sitting here at home. with a Public Transportation tickets.
The tiket cost more then i pay for gas in a month.
Tiket cost: 108,49 Euro
my monthly Gas consumtion: 80-100€ if i need/want to drive A LOT more then it is 150 Euro which is est. 1500 Km

I have to say: Public transport is kinda relaxing. you dont need to drive yourself, and you can relax and talk/text to other people while you are on the way.

many strange persons are using the public transport, some smell, some look, some just are strange.
Public transportation takes SO MUCH TIME!!!! with a car i could just hop in and BAM in 15 minutes i arrive. with the Public transportation i need 15 minutes earlier to walk out of my house, just to reach the Bus on time. then 25 Minutes of Bus driving. then 10 Minutes or more to reach my destination. so the day Planing is going to be serious!

stay tuned for more Updates.

How I live without a Drivers License. - Blog
How I live without a Drivers License. - Blog