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Jeremy Clarkson's Biggest 2012 Wins & Fails

2012 has been a lucrative year for the motoring world’s most recognisable personality. Here are J.C’s best bits…

Remind me later
Not only did Jeremy Clarkson secure a multi-million quid deal to present Top Gear for a further three years, he also hooked up with ex mistress Phillipa Sage, made us laugh on Twitter and smoked through an estimated 7300 fags. Here are some of Jezza’s highlights:

1. Clarkson gives birth to headless baby

One of his finest Twitter rants came courtesy of a broken down Mercedes and an illusive breakdown man…

2. J.C. rakes in the cheese

All three Top Gear presenters - Clarkson, Hammond and May - this year bagged themselves a three-year extension as presenters of the world's best known motoring show. On top of the deal, Clarkson also netted a substantial windfall after selling off his 30 per cent stake in the television programme to the BBC. It is reported that Clarkson's basic earnings for 2011 were in the region of £3m.

3. Jeremy the 'love rat'

During his Top Gear live tour this year, Clarkson swapped his wife for ex mistress Phillipa Sage. The pair were snapped together in Australia, South Africa and Norway while wife Frances kept the books back at their pad in the Costwolds. Clarkson's response?
“I’m suprised to find that I’m the new Tiger Woods.”

4. The Elephant Man saga

Comparing the Toyota Prius camper van to people with growths on their faces sparked controversy from viewers and prompted facial disfigurements charity 'Changing Faces' to complain to the BBC and Ofcom (the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) saying the comments were 'offensive and liable to hurt peoples' feelings.'

5. 'Crash a burning Jag into Romney'

During the US Presidential election, Clarkson turned his attention to Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Why? Silly Rommers slagged us Brits off for our "disconcerting" preparation for the Olympic games 2012, also mentioning that private security G4S did "not having enough people." He was dead right, but Clarkson's a proud Brit, hence his outspoken 'burning Jag' comment. Good lad!

What's coming in 2013, Jezza?

Certainly looks like we're all in store for more Clarksonesque Lols, rants and trouble making...