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Jeep Debuts Commercial for All-New Grand Cherokee

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For the marketing industry, automotive accounts seems to be the hottest and most volatile topic right now. And in the automotive industry, marketing is where a lot of controversy and news are originating. General Motors recently dropped "Excellence for All" for the Chevrolet brand, as well as the entire ad company Publicis. Today the company has stirred up controversy with an internal memo that instructed employees to refer to the brand as "Chevrolet" rather than "Chevy." But, while it is perhaps going about it a bit quieter, the Chrysler Group shifted marketing companies as well. And we really like the new work being done for for Dodge, Chrysler, and now Jeep. The all-new Grand Cherokee is set to go on sale soon as the first all-new product from the Chrysler Group under Fiat ownership. Jeep has released an advertisement today that is the first for the vehicle. And it is good, very good. The imagery, concept, excellent tagline, and most importantly - the product. We see the new Grand Cherokee as being a successful product for Chrysler-Fiat. Check out the advertisement below.