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It's Hot Hatch Vs Hot SUV In The Week's Weirdest Drag Race

It's not likely that anyone is going to be weighing up between buying an Audi SQ7 or a Ford Focus RS, but that hasn't stopped Top Gear racing them anyway...

Remind me later

No one is pretending that this is a relevant comparison. Not even the guys who ran it. But we all know that there’s only one thing for it when you have two cars, a closed section of runway and time to kill.

Here, the Audi SQ7 faces one of its closest and most bitter rivals in the Ford Focus RS. Yes, we’re obviously not telling the truth there, but we’ve got to stoke the flames of drama somehow. It’s actually quite close, on paper: the Focus is a couple of tenths faster to 62mph, but this one is a manual version. The Focus has a launch control mode, but the Audi has much, much more torque.

As for the fastest over a quarter-mile sprint? Place your bets now…