IndyCar Driver Avoids Disaster With Mind-Blowing 190mph Save

IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe avoided a nasty accident during last weekend’s Pocono race with an absolutely mind-blowing save at over 190mph

Remind me later

Completing an awesome save after a wild moment is difficult enough on a normal racing track, let alone a barrier-lined oval where cars reach close to 200mph.

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver Hinchcliffe almost definitely needed a change of race suit after this wild moment on lap 102 of Sunday’s IndyCar race at Pocono.

As he got to the mid-point of the corner, on the higher line, the back end started to step out – leading to some incredible car control and reactions. Look at him working at the wheel on the onboard footage!

Whether Hinchcliffe just clipped the wall or narrowly avoided it, we’re not 100 per cent sure, but he certainly escaped a huge shunt with this ridiculously cool save.