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Here's Your First Look At Koenigsegg's Next Hypercar

The Swedish hypercar firm has teased the car that will replace the Agera RS via a design sketch

Remind me later

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is no more. The last one rolled off the production line at Ängelholm a couple of months ago, with the model having proven itself in the most extreme way possible via one example hitting an astonishing 284mph in Nevada late last year.

So, what comes next? The car you see above, is the answer. Well, it’s just a teaser sketch for now, but you can already tell it’s going to be particularly bonkers. Not that we needed a drawing to tell us that.

The last Agera RS rolled off the production line in April
The last Agera RS rolled off the production line in April

We know it’ll make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show March next year, but so far that’s all Koenigsegg is saying. However, Christian von Koenigsegg told Top Gear at this year’s Geneva show that the car will be “lighter [and] more track-focused than the Regera”. It’ll use a development of Koenigsegg’s own V8, with an 8800rpm redline and absolutely no hybrid stuff attached. It won’t use the Regera’s unusual ‘gearbox-less’ Direct Drive system either.

We can’t wait to see what the Swedish hypercar maestros come up with.