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Here's Why The Tesla Cybertruck Tug Of War Proved Nothing

Tesla's tug of war with a Ford F-150 was pointless, as Engineering Explained will tell you in detail

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Five days on from the reveal of Tesla’s Cybertruck, we still have more questions than answers. Is this really the finished product? Is it even possible to put something with those angles on the road? Is this all just a cheese-fueled dream?

One thing we do know, however, is that a widely shared video of the boxy, sci-fi film prop-like vehicle ‘beating’ a Ford F-150 at tug-of-war was pretty much pointless. And, as Jason Fenske aka Engineering Explained will tell you (with the help of a whiteboard and some maths), this is not just because the Ford appeared to be rear and not all-wheel drive.

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The problem is a vehicular tug of war is won by whichever combatant has the most weight over its driven wheels. You can have as much torque as you like, but without sufficient weight above the wheels, the tyres will simply spin. All this video shows us is that the Cybertruck is the heavier vehicle. Unsurprising, given that the stainless steel creation is visibly much bigger than the aluminium-bodied Ford, and no doubt packing a sizeable battery pack.

Does any of this matter? Probably not. We’re all still talking about the tug of war, so from a PR perspective, the video has done its job brilliantly.