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Here’s When The Stellantis Brands Are Going Electric

Alfa Romeo is set to go all-electric in 2027, despite currently not having any electrified models

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Here’s When The Stellantis Brands Are Going Electric - News

The Stellantis mega-empire now covers a huge range of brands - so many that it’s tough to keep pace with them all. All its brands are on a journey to electrification, with some further along the road than others. In a recent presentation about Stellantis’ financial results, we’ve been given more details about when you can expect plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars from each of the 14 brands.

Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Maserati

In Stellantis’ group of Italian brands, it might not be the ones you’d expect that are first in line to get electrified versions. Maserati will launch EVs in 2022 and 2023, which are likely to be the Folgore versions of the Grecale SUV and the MC20 sports car. Fiat Professional is launching two electric commercial vehicles.

Here’s When The Stellantis Brands Are Going Electric - News

Fiat already has the electric 500, but there are no plans for new electrified Fiat or Abarth cars between now and 2023. What that means for the Fiat Centoventi, the brand’s cute Panda-sized value electric car concept revealed in 2019, we’re not sure. Sad face if it doesn’t make production.

Lancia only sells the ageing Ypsilon, but will have hybrid options in 2024 and will be fully electric by 2026. Alfa Romeo is only getting one plug-in hybrid between now and 2024, which’ll be the long-awaited Tonale SUV. Don’t call it the Toenail, whatever you do. Alfa is targeting a fully electric line-up by 2027.

Here’s When The Stellantis Brands Are Going Electric - News

Citroen, DS and Peugeot

An electric Citroen will be launched every year for the next few years, which could include the interesting C5 X or an electric Citroen C3, while a new PHEV is coming next year. The DS 4 PHEV is due this year, but DS’ electrification plans in the next couple of years are as quiet as its showrooms. In fairness, DS already sells the electric DS 3 Crossback and the hybrid DS 7 Crossback, and will be fully electric by 2024.

Peugeot, Stellantis’ apparent premium brand (not DS, go figure) will be the one with the most PHEV and EV launches. There’ll be lion logos slapped on a new electric car in 2021 and 2023, and a new plug-in hybrid for the next three years.

Here’s When The Stellantis Brands Are Going Electric - News


Another electric Vauxhall will launch in 2021, followed by two plug-in hybrids in 2022. One of these is likely to be the new Vauxhall Astra, which actually looks like hot stuff. Sorry not sorry.

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram

Stellantis’ American brands won’t see much electrification for a few years yet. The Jeep Grand Cherokee hybrid’s 2021 launch will be followed by the electric Wrangler in 2023, while Dodge is getting one plug-in hybrid in 2022 (likely a rebadged Alfa Tonale).

But Chrysler’s grim model range isn’t being bolstered by anything electrified in the next few years, and Ram has no immediate plans either. However, two hybrid versions of the Ram 1500 are mooted for 2024, and it may launch a new, smaller electric truck.