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Here's What A BMW Z4 Coupe Could Look Like

With BMW currently sticking fast to a soft-top body style for the Z4, and Toyota doing the same for the hard-top Supra, X-Tomi Design has imagined the inevitable crossover...

Remind me later

You’re looking at a Supra that isn’t: a hard-top BMW Z4 crafted in the image of the Z4’s Japanese sister car. This X-Tomi Design render is one of the latest to hit his social media channels.

X-Tomi has delivered some of our favourite renders, from amazing versions of the cool new Suzuki Jimny to a bunch of crazy Rolls-Royce Cullinan styles, and now it’s the Z4’s turn for tweaks. The soft-top Z4 was revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance while the hard-top Supra’s full production debut still hasn’t arrived, but the brands seem to be avoiding stepping directly on the other’s body style toes - for now.

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It’s almost unthinkable that BMW won’t offer a hard-top in the image of the superb Z4M coupe of 2006 and the lusty Z3M ‘bread van’ shooting brake, which sold in criminally small numbers but seemed to become an overnight classic sometime near the end of the 2000s.

This new interpretation blends a traditional long bonnet and modest overhangs with a steeply-raked roof line and what seems to be a neat duck-tail spoiler. The brakes are M Division parts bin items and we’d love to see whether there’s a quad exhaust hiding out back. What do you reckon: a good template for BMW to use?