Here's This Week's Grand Tour Trailer, And The Buffoonery Is Strong

Clarkson attempts to recreate Ken Block's gymkhana antics, Richard Hammond cocks about in crazy machinery in Dubai, and May... drives a small Volkswagen

Remind me later

A new Grand Tour trailer is out, and this week’s episode looks like a peach. Not literally; that would be weird.

It seems to be a loosely off-road-themed hour, with Clarkson creating carnage from behind the wheel of an old Subaru Impreza rally car, Hammond larking around in some kind of insane dune buggy and pointy-faced tank thing called the Ripsaw, and, err, James May in some Volkswagens.

In Celebrity Face Off it’s comedian Bill Bailey versus Preacher star Dominic Cooper, in a battle to find the world’s fastest person with a failed early career in a band. We’re looking forward to it!