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Here’s Our Best Look Yet At Cars 3

The latest trailer for the third instalment of the Cars franchise has been released by Disney Pixar, and it gives us a much better look at the new film

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Following the release of several teasers and extended trailers, the hype for Cars 3 is quickly building up and another (much longer) trailer has just arrived.

Following on from the weird spy storyline of Cars 2, the upcoming third instalment brings the franchise back to its roots and introduces several new characters.

As you’ll probably know from previous trailers, Cars 3 follows Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) as he recovers from a big shunt and tries to break back into the sport he’s being pushed out of.

There’s a whole new generation of young, high-tech racers – including his new arch nemesis Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) – taking control and McQueen has to seek help in order to fight back and prove he’s not done yet in the Piston Cup.

It’ll be released on 16 June and we can’t wait.