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Here's How You Turn A Rusty E30 BMW 3-Series Into A Driveable Hot Tub

Brilliantly bonkers YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze's latest project involves turning an E30 3-series into a hot tub that still drives

Remind me later

As Furze points out at the beginning of this video, turning a car into a hot tub is something that’s been done many times before. But keeping the car in question driveable? That’s a little more tricky, especially when the starting point is an E30 BMW 3-series full of rusty holes.

In this first episode, Furze sets about patching up the holes, insulating the wiring, beefing up the suspension to cope with the weight of the water (expected to be anywhere from 1000-2000kg), and much more besides. By the end of this first bought of work, the car is holding water rather nicely.

We can’t wait to see the finished product!