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Here's How Polestar's First Car Will Look

Someone's stitched together all of Polestar's recent teaser images together and filled in the blanks, giving us a preview of the brand's first car

Remind me later

Recently, Volvo’s now standalone ‘Polestar’ performance arm started teasing its new coupe model on Instagram. There’s now enough of the car out there for Photoshop obsessives to stitch together the images and get a good idea of how it’ll look, but Instagram user @vvmasterdrfan went one step further by filling in the blanks.

There aren’t actually many pieces of the virtual jigsaw to fill, so we can be pretty sure it’ll look like this. As to what’ll power it, we can’t be sure, but a modified version of the 400bhp ‘T8’ inline-four-based hybrid powertrain currently doing service in various Volvos seems likely.

The car will be branded as a Polestar rather than a Volvo, and its styling will be unique to the fledgling marque. A BMW M Division imitation this is not.

We should know more about the car when it’s revealed on 17 October.

Source: vwmasterdfan on Instagram via Car Scoops