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Here's How Much Faster A Mercedes-AMG A45 Is Than A Honda Civic Type R

With a lot more power plus the traction benefits of four-wheel drive, it's no surprise the Mercedes is quicker. But the gap to the Honda is even bigger than you might expect...

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The result itself for this drag race isn’t surprising. Of course the Mercedes wins: its 376bhp output puts it 70bhp ahead of the Honda, and it has the benefit of four-wheel drive traction off the line. Oh, and given that it’s £10,000 more than the Civic, the A45 bloody well ought to win.

What is perhaps surprising is the gap between the two: it’s absolutely massive. It’s a quick car that A45, as the Car Wow lot proved with another drag race featuring a whole roster of Mercedes-AMGs.

Which car would you rather have, the Mercedes, or the Honda?