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Here's A Dodge Challenger Demon Reaching A Record-Breaking 211mph

This Challenger SRT Demon has gone faster than any other example of the breed at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon certainly appears to be all about quarter-mile glory, what with its headline-grabbing capability to dispatch the drag race benchmark in just 9.65-seconds. But, if you take off the 168mph limiter and fit some tyres that are happier with higher speeds, you’re in for a treat.

Want an example? This particular Demon - stripped of its pesky limiter via Dodge’s optional Demon Crate - was sent down the runway at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, where it hit an astonishing 211mph.

Dodge - Here's A Dodge Challenger Demon Reaching A Record-Breaking 211mph - Muscle

It took just under a minute and 2.7 miles for the Challenger to reach the speed, blitzing the 200mph mark in about 38 seconds. Make sure you stick around before navigating off the video because the flyby is well worth a watch - the Demon sounds like a jet fighter as it slices through the air.

As a reminder, the Demon makes this speed possible via a 6.2-litre supercharged V8, which is good for 840bhp and 770lb ft. A variety of engineering solutions like a trans brake and ‘Launch Assist’ system help the car ferociously launch off the line with 1.8g of force.