Here's A Compelling Case For Owning A Beater

As explained in this brilliant video, owning a cheap, battered car has a multitude of benefits

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We’ve said before that owning a cheap, tatty car is awesome. But just in case you don’t yet agree, hopefully this brilliant video from Gears and Gasoline will nudge you into line with our way of thinking.

Obviously we love valuable performance cars, but performance cars are stressful. You worry about them getting stolen. You stress out about the chance of them getting dented in supermarket car parks. You commit vast sums to give them the best fuel and parts available. The idea of working on them is daunting too - what if you break something expensive?

As Gears and Gasoline explains using this dented Mazda Protege (known as the 323 in some markets), all of those problems fall away with a cheap ‘beater’ car. And who knows, you may end up loving it just as much as something much nicer…