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Here's A Car Getting Destroyed By Two 32kg Kettlebells Chained To The Wheels

It should come as no surprise that driving a Lada with kettlebells attached to its rear wheels creates quite a mess...

Remind me later

If your wheels are out of balance, it’s usually pretty easy to tell: get to a certain speed, and you’ll start to feel a vibration. But what if that force was multiplied to a ridiculous degree?

Happily, those brilliantly mad Russians from YouTube channel Garage 54 have decided to answer yet another question nobody asked, by strapping two 32 kettlebells to the rear axle of a Lada. Yes, this is a rather extreme example of imbalanced wheels, but who cares when the results are this hilarious?

With the weights on the rear wheels, the car is - as you’d expect - hilariously bumpy and uncomfortable to drive. It doesn’t take long for the rear arches to cave in, and the wheels to become a little less round than they were before.

Erm, shall we call that a success...?
Erm, shall we call that a success...?

The chain holding one of the kettlebells on broke part-way through the experiment, but undeterred, Garage 54 carried on running with just the left-hand weight. Until the car had been pretty much destroyed.

The Lada was left not just with severe bodywork damage, but also with broken suspension linkages and a leaking rear differential. You’d almost feel sorry for the poor thing if it wasn’t so satisfying watching the car destroy itself…