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Here's A Brand New Bugatti For The Price Of A Golf GTI

Bugatti has a revealed a car that's a little more attainable than the Chiron, although it's smaller, and quite a bit slower...

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Bugatti - Here's A Brand New Bugatti For The Price Of A Golf GTI - News

Not content with revealing the world’s most new expensive car - the La Voiture Noir - at the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti has also shown off the brand’s cheapest vehicle.

The catch? It’s not actually a road car, but regardless, it’s pretty cool. It’s a remake of the ‘Bugatti Baby’, a half-scale Type 35 replica Ettore Bugatti built for his son Roland’s fourth birthday. Visitors to Bugatti’s Molsheim HQ loved it so much, a run of 500 was built and sold between 1927 and 1936.

The Baby II - built in collaboration with Junior Classics - will also be limited to 500 units, but where it differs from the original is its size. It’s a three-quarter-scale replica, and yes, that means adults can fit in it too.

Removable lithium-ion battery packs power a motor which drives the rear wheels via (we’re not making this up) a limited-slip differential. There’s even a regenerative braking function.

Bugatti - Here's A Brand New Bugatti For The Price Of A Golf GTI - News

There’s a 1kW ‘child mode’ which allows for a top speed of 12.5mph, while the 4kW ‘adult mode’ will let you hit 28mph. You can also have an optional, Chiron-like ‘Speed Key’ which gives you 10kW of power to enjoy while doing away with the speed limiter. Bugatti isn’t saying how fast it’ll go in that guise - perhaps if you ask nicely, they’ll let you find out at Ehra-Lessien.

With a starting price of €30,000 before taxes and delivery fees, it’s very much a rich person’s toy. But you do get a ‘Macaron’ badge made from solid silver, as you do on the Chiron, and a cabin that faithfully replicates the Type 35’s with a four-spoke steering wheel and “custom Bugatti instruments”.

It’s available for reservation now. Production will kick off this autumn.