Here’s Proof Of Chris Harris’ Involvement In Top Gear

A couple of Tweets from Top Gear host Chris Evans about a 'weekly TG production meeting' feature a certain Mr Harris lurking in the background...

Remind me later

Ever since The Telegraph ‘confirmed’ Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz and David Coulthard as Chris Evans’ co-presenters on Top Gear, we’ve taken it as read that Monkey will be on the revamped programme to give it a dash of much-needed credibility. It’s something that’s yet to be officially confirmed by the BBC, even if Harris’ recent announcement about closing down his Patreon account was a pretty clear hint.

This Tweet from Chris Evans however - coming just a few hours after Matt LeBlanc was announced as his co-presenter - is pretty much confirmation. See the bloke a couple of chairs down from Chris Evans? Yep, it’s a certain Mr Harris, at the table of what’s dubbed the ‘weekly TG production meeting’.

Oh, and here he is again, lurking in the background. So there we have it, ‘new’ Top Gear will almost certainly have a helping of Harris, and will be all the better for it.

Via Auto Guide