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10 Awesome Rides Added To The Car Throttle Garage Last Month

Our monthly round-up of the best additions to the Car Throttle Garage has delivered once again with some awesome rides owned by CTzens!

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10 Awesome Rides Added To The Car Throttle Garage Last Month - Blog

One of the coolest things about the Car Throttle community is that you get to interact with people who have awesome cars. Being able to show your own cars off is also pretty awesome. And that’s what the Car Throttle Garage is all about. At the end of every month, we go through the Garage and pick our favourite recently-added cars. And the CTzens of Car Throttle never fail to impress us. Although there are literally hundreds of cool cars added every month, here are 10 that stand tall above the rest!

1. JonnePesonen's Toyota Celica

Not only does it look like it’s in good shape, but we love the homage to the classic Castrol rally livery on this Celica!

2. EG6project's Honda Civic

There are a lot of Civics out there, but few are as clean as this Kanjo-styled EG3!

3. Ernie's Nissan S14 Silvia

Normally outfitted with an SR20, this S14 packs a beefy 6.2-litre GM LS V8. Which presumably makes it very fast.

4. GasKing's Nissan GT-R

It’s a GT-R. Enough said.

5. Freddy Gaertner's Nissan Silvia S15 Varietta

The S15 Varietta has always been somewhat of a black sheep in the Silvia family, and it’s rare to find one in as good of condition as this one!

6. Brandon Storm Edwards' Mazda RX-7

Clean. That’s the best word to describe this RX-7. Who knew red over gold would look so good on an FD? And, look at that wheel gap…

7. The StigsAmericanCousin's Porsche 914

The first 3 letters on the licence plate are accurate. This 914 is simply lovely.

8. Bennett's BMW 2002

2002s are some of the coolest BMWs out there. Especially ones this immaculate, and this stripey.

9. Nick Dwyer's VW Weekender

Peace, love, and stance. This Type 2 Bus probably looks better now than it did in the 60s. Hopefully without the smell of patchouli oil, too.

10. Toymaker's Radical

Wouldn’t you just love to go full throttle down the runway in that? The Cessna Citation jet would also be fun.

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