Specs of The Devil Z and The "Real" Devil Z

Specs of The Devil Z and The "Real" Devil Z - Nissan Owners

Here’s some fun information! Above is the replica of the Devil Z replica for Wangan Midnight built by Speed Shop Shinohara. Below is the “Real” Devil Z which Michiharu Kusunoki based his Devil Z off of. It’s a true Midnight Club warrior of the Wangan! Here are their specs.

Speed Shop Shinohara S30z:
P90A head, F54 block, both sourced from an ‘83 Turbo 280ZX
Triple Mikuni side-draft carburetors, 47mm bore
Twin Garrett T3/T04 hybrid turbochargers
HKS SuperSequential Blow Off Valve
Custom fabricated intake plenum, 47mm velocity stacks
Custom grind camshaft, 290* duration .510 lift
Forged internals, ceramic coated forged dished pistons [7.4:1 CR]
Claimed 620BHP@6000

Nissan/Borg Warner T5 5-speed, non-“World Class”
Twin-plate Ogura

SSS [Speed Shop Shinohara] coilovers, custom valving
Custom SSS sway bars
SSS custom 8-point cage
Takata 5-point harnesses
Bride racing buckets

R32 4-piston front calipers, cross-drilled/slotted 11.5” rotors [F], cross-drilled/slotted 11.5” rotors

Midnight Club Air Breathing Research S130Z:
Car Specs
Mid Night Racing Team 1978 280ZX
Engine Type: Nissan L28E

Engine Mods: Capacity increased to 3,100cc with forged 89f pistons, ABR original rods, ABR original crankshaft, ABR original 268-degree camshafts with 12.9 mm lift, intake 46.5 mm, exhaust 38.0 mm, twin IHI RHC-6 VX55 compressors and 3P-13 turbines

Engine Management: Nissan genuine 16-bit ECU; GReddy PROFEC and REBIC III; HKS GCC

Drivetrain: Z31 300ZX Turbo 5-speed transmission 0.779 fifth gear ratio; ABR Original special LSD with 3.545 final gear ratio

Suspension: Specially modified Bilstein dampers with TRD springs

Brakes: R32 Nissan Skyline GTR calipers with TRD Supra Race rotors

Wheels: Panasport C5R 16x8 front, 16x9 rear

Tires: Bridgestone RE71 225/50R16 front, 245/45R16 rear

Exterior Mods: ABR Original body kit with front and rear fenders, front spoiler, side skirts, rear valance, rear hatch spoiler, hood

Interior Mods: Autometer tachometer; Blitz EGT; HKS water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure and boost gauge; ABR Original rollcage; Recaro SPG driver seat, Recaro LS passenger seat; Sabelt four-point harnesses; Nismo D-shape steering wheel

Mobiletronics: N/A


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