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Gumpert Has Risen From The Dead And Lost Its Awful Name

Bonkers supercar maker Gumpert has been brought back to life, and will be making a follow-up to the stupidly quick Apollo

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Gumpert Has Risen From The Dead And Lost Its Awful Name - News

When creating a new supercar company, you really have to make an impression straight off the bat. Gumpert - the brainchild of ex-Audi Sport boss Roland Gumpert - did a pretty good job of that a few years ago with the Apollo, a stupidly quick car with bodywork that was as subtle as a punch in the face. And even that didn’t stop Gumpert going bust, with the company seemingly dying off after declaring bankruptcy in 2013.

Why do we say ‘seemingly’? Because Gumpert is back. Sort of. According to reports, Gumpert has been purchased by Consolidated Ideal TeamVenture - the same group of investors that bought the DeTomaso brand in April last year - but where it gets interesting is the name. The ‘Gumpert’ brand has been shelved, and the company has been renamed ‘Apollo Automobil GmbH’. That’s not such a bad thing, since - and we mean no offence to Herr Roland here - ‘Gumpert’ is a dreadful name for a supercar.

From the re-branded company we can expect a “brand new” Apollo codenamed ‘Arrow’; a car we’ll see in the metal as soon as the Geneva motor show in March. We might even be seeing it in some form even sooner than that, as Apollo’s new website currently has a count-down on it, which hits 0 on 11 January. Watch this space…