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'Godzilla' 7.3 Ford V8 Hits Nearly 800bhp At 7600rpm, Still Very Much N/A

Ford's pushrod 7.3-litre V8 - which can now be bought as a crate engine - has been turned into a high-revving monster for this project

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There’s a new member of the Ford crate engine family: the 7.3-litre pushrod ‘Godzilla’ V8. It’s intended as an alternative to a big, torquey diesel engine for pick-up trick owners, as reflected in the figures - the iron block unit develops 425bhp at 5500rpm, and 475lb ft at 4000.

With a bit of work, though, you can change the power output and the character of the $8150 engine dramatically. RevEvian, having already liberated 500bhp from the 7.3 with some simple modifications earlier this year, has been keeping tabs another Godzilla project run by Team Z Motorsports in Detroit. There, the V8 has been pushed to 790hp at 7600rpm.

Ford - 'Godzilla' 7.3 Ford V8 Hits Nearly 800bhp At 7600rpm, Still Very Much N/A - Tuning

Quite a lot has changed to get this engine - which Ford originally developed for the F-250 Super Duty - to those figures. It now has a ported cylinder head full of new stuff, Wiesco pistons, aluminium con-rods and a rebuilt bottom end.

It’s still very much naturally-aspirated though, and that’s not the limit of this engine without bringing forced induction into the mix - apparently, with further tweaks, it’d be good for around 900.

This 7.3 won’t stay N/A, though. Brian Wolfe and the team will be adding a 3.0-litre Whipple Supercharger, with a targetted output of around 1600hp. Yes, nearly four times the original output.

It’ll be stuffed into the bonnet of a FoxBody Mustang, which isn’t as ridiculous a transplant as it sounds - the engine is actually a little narrower than the widely used Coyote V8.