Tony Pimpo 13 years ago

GM Launches New Ad Campaign for Buick

Remind me later
Just 4 GM brands made the cut and will be continue part of the new leaner, meaner, faster, smarter (ok ok that's enough) "New GM". Buick is one of the brands that made it. Doesn't make sense you say? Actually no, it makes a lot of sense. The Buick brand is huge in China and cutting Buick here would have a big impact on that. Even if Buick lost money in North America (which it doesn't) it would make sense keeping it open for the big profits and sales in China. Furthermore, great products have come (Enclave) and are coming (2010 LaCrosse) that hold a lot of promise. GM has a really big opportunity to go after Lexus with Buick, offering cars with some style. Leave Cadillac to take on BMW. BuickAdCampaign So in the midst of bankruptcy, GM is launching a new advertising campaign to boost Buick. GM promised that the 4 remaining brands would get increased investment with more money freed up for better marketing and products. They're putting that to action with this new campaign. "Everything You Thought About Buick Just Went Boom....Take a Look at Me Now" is what's appearing on their website. It seems like "Take a Look at Me Now" is the new tagline. I'm not so sure about it, I'll have to see it in a real advertisement first. The introduction on the website is very well done though. Apparently the tagline and campaign have been heavily researched though so we'll see how it works out with the intended audience. They just need to get the Lucurne off of there....