Dodge is resurrecting the 426 Hemi

Dodge - Dodge is resurrecting the 426 Hemi - Ask Car Throttle

Dodge is unveiling a new car at the SEMA on October 30th at exactly 4:26 pm PT (not a coincidently). Moparofficial posted on their IG page a couple of videos giving us a glimpse into the sheer awesomeness that this thing is going to be. There appears to be no supercharger whine in the video so my guess is that we’re getting a N/A 426 cui legend back as a crate engine and maybe in some models. Rumour has it that Dodge might cook up something with the Charger and it honestly makes sense. In recent times we were given a whole bunch of upgrades to the existing Challenger trim levels and even got introduced to the Redeye, but the Charger got a simple facelift and that’s pretty much it.

Also, is now a thing.

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